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Narrative Configuration Sidebar Refactor


Narrative Science's narrative generation software ingests user data and, through Natural Language Generation (NLG), generates intuitive insights in plain language. The first iteration of the product was completed in early 2016.

Following synthesis of feedback from multiple focus groups and requests to add more robust features and capabilities to the system, the product team identified the need to completely redesign the narrative configuration sidebar. With further engineering input, the team also identified the need to refactor the sidebar code to ensure full scalability across all features.

As the design lead for this project, I established a new user experience and visual aesthetic for the sidebar by prototyping designs and conducting user tests. In Q1 of 2017, I assumed the role of Technical Product Manager and, along with my day-to-day design responsibilities, led a scrum team of four front-end engineers to ensure the successful delivery of the refactored narrative configuration sidebar.

The sidebar refactor was successfully completed and delivered at the end of Q1, 2017.

  • "As an engineering team lead, I worked closely with Sharon to deliver a complete redesign and reimplementation of the Quill3 sidebar user experience. Sharon wore two hats for the duration of this project; user experience designer and technical product manager. Working with Sharon was a delight, as she kept our team unblocked and fully aware of our progress towards the finish line."" Read full recommendation
    - Mike Smathers, Principle Engineer at Narrative Science

my role

  • Led two front-end engineers in a multi-sprint interactive prototyping initiative.
  • Tested interactive prototype with eight users to validate designs hypotheses.
  • Created high-fidelity mockups for all narrative configuration sidebar features and delivered mockups to engineers using Google Docs.
  • Managed a four-person front-end engineering scrum team in Q1, 2017 to ensure successful implementation and deployment of feature redesign and code refactor.
  • Presented team progress upon completion of each sprint to entire Narrative Science organization.

Work   /   Narrative Configuration Sidebar Refactor