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Interactive Story Initiative


Data is being collected by companies daily and is an essential component to strategic growth. However, the average business manager does not have the resources to quickly make data-driven decisions. The goal of this initiative is to provide businesses with a self-service tool that uses data to intelligently generate interactive stories at scale. By instantly surfacing key insights in plain language, the platform equips information consumers at every level of an organization with the insights necessary to make data-driven decisions.

my role

  • Using previous UX experience, assumed the role of a design thought leader by educating the product team on best practices for user interviews, information synthesis, and idea generation.
  • Helped push user research initiatives by reviewing research questions, sitting in on numerous user research interviews and synthesizing research notes. Created user research collateral such as journey maps, personas, and user flows.
  • Developed and presented three visual concepts for initative using a mood board in InVision to various members of Talos’ product, engineering, and executive team. Following feedback, established a complete visual identity for Talos.
  • Worked with Andrew Adams to create a living style guide using React.
  • Worked with Maia Lewis Meza and Andrew Adams to develop end-to-end wireframes and pixel-perfect mockups in Sketch for Alpha and Beta.
  • Communicated design specifications and interactions to product owners and engineering team using Google Docs and InVision.

Work   /   Interactive Story Initiative